Author: Will Echart

This time last year, Francisco “Frankie” Hernandez was wearing a different kind of uniform, one with tassels and a shako, a black-and-gold military hat. He was an anchor of Dallas’ Pinkston High marching band, playing the baritone and mentoring new members. Frankie graduated on time, even earning three dozen college credits through Pinkston Academy. Unsure […]

The Growing Demand for HVAC Techs BODY:    Maybe you are at a crossroads. You’re one of 20 million Americans stuck in a low-paying unfulfilling job. Perhaps you are transitioning out of the military. Or you are out of high school but without the enormous amount of cash required for a 4-year college education. Whatever […]

Ten years ago, Abdul Wahid was a young crane operator, excited to get work with the United States government to build a new embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Abdul had distinguished himself as a student at Qaramqul High School, where he studied math, history, science — and English. His excellent communication skills and strong work ethic […]

Graduation is a very special day at ForgeNow. After eight weeks of immersive study in the classroom and in the lab, followed by extensive testing, our students are feeling a true sense of accomplishment. In the main room, flags are set up and chairs arranged. Food is laid out and as friends and family arrive, […]

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