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Top 3 Reasons to Join ForgeNow

Reason #1: ForgeNow is modern training at its best! We offer hands-on, immersive, boot-camp style Electrician and HVAC skills training that today’s employers love.

Reasons #2: ForgeNow provides every trainee with a complete set of brand-new tools plus uniform and safety boots valued at more than $1,000 – go to work immediately!

Reason #3: Our full-time programs are just eight weeks and are comparable to two years of on-the-job training. You are ready to launch your career in the trades!

More Money = More Stability

$536,652 — that’s a nice house, vacations, and a better life. According to the US Dept. of Labor, it’s the difference in median career earnings* between an electrician and someone with a high school degree and no additional training.

Long term career stability — there is enormous need across America for skilled Electricians and HVAC technicians. Graduates will be in demand with exceptional ForgeNow training and the national certifications earned by ForgeNow graduates.

*US Dept of Labor: median annual wage for high school graduates with no additional training in US is $37,024. Median annual wage for Electrician is $56,900.


It only takes a few simple steps to get started.

  • Call us to learn more and book a tour of our campus.

  • Get some basic information together like your ID, education info, etc.

  • Learn your options for financing your training.

  • Take a brief test to make sure ForgeNow is right for you.

  • Choose which class you want to enroll in!

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