Electrical Wiring


When you become an electrician, you will help keep the lights on!

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8 Weeks to Complete

Students enjoy the speed, focus, and thorough learning that comes from an immersive program covering residential electrical wiring.

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Competitive Salary

Electricians earn an average salary of $60,040 per year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (April 2023).

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You will have the opportunity to earn two nationally recognized certifications.


Hands on, Job-specifc

Over half of the Electrical Wiring program is conducted in our hands-on lab.
The week-by-week program looks like this:

Week 1

Basic Construction

This is a basic course designed to provide fundamentals associated with all electrical courses. It includes safety, basic tools, specialty tools, and equipment.

Week 2

Wiring Methods 101

This course is designed to help select the proper size of wires, fittings, overcurrent protection devices, and boxes for residential installation. It also includes multiple wiring methods for receptacles, single-pole switches, and luminaires.

Week 3

Wiring Methods 102

This course provides advanced skills related to wiring a dwelling, with three-way and four-way switches, switched receptacles, split receptacles, and overcurrent protection devices.

Week 4

Blueprint Layout

This course provides knowledge of electrical symbols needed to interpret blueprints. The students will be able to interpret specific elements of a blueprint pertaining to electrical construction, all elevations, and various plans.

Week 5


The course provides skills on how to wire a dwelling during the framing process.

Week 6

Device and Component Installation

In this course, the students will learn and demonstrate their knowledge of overcurrent protections, receptacles, switches, and special application procedures.

Week 7

Load Center

In this course, the students will demonstrate practical applications of advanced skills related to wiring a load center in a dwelling.

Week 8

Service Entrance

In this course, the students will demonstrate advanced skills related to wiring service entrance and proper equipment installation techniques in a dwelling.

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