Facilities Maintenance Training


As a Facilities Maintenance Technician, you will be the front line of keeping a building operational.

7 Weeks to Complete

In just seven weeks, you will learn the skills to work as a Facilities Maintenance Technician

In Demand

The U.S. Department of Labor projects 76,300 Facilities Maintenance Technicians will be needed by 2031. (April 2022)


Over the seven weeks, you will have the opportunity to earn three nationally recognized certifications.


Hands on, Job-specific

Over half of the Facilities Maintenance program is conducted in our hands-on lab.
The week-by-week program looks like this:

Week 1

EPA 608

This module introduces students to various HVAC system applications and EPA Section 608.

Week 2

Safety 101

This module introduces students to fundamentals associated with OSHA job site safety.

Week 3

Electric 101

This module is designed to help select the proper wires, fittings, overcurrent protection devices, and boxes for residential installation.

Week 4

Carpentry 101

This module provides the basics of carpentry including framing, molding, and drywall repair.

Week 5

Plumbing and Weatherization

This module introduces the basics of plumbing and treating water outlets for all seasons.

Week 6

Specialty Components

This module provides an introduction to small engine repair, pest control, and small appliance repair.

Week 7

Lab Assessments

This module includes the final assessment to test the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program.

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