Plumbing Training


As a Plumber, you will be the front line of keeping water flowing.

7 Weeks to Complete

In just seven weeks, you will learn the skills to work as a Plumber

Competitive Salary

Plumbers earn a median salary of $59,880 according to the The U.S. Department of Labor (July 2023)


Over the seven weeks, you will have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certifications.


Hands on, Job-specific

Over half of the Plumbing program is conducted in our hands-on lab.
The week-by-week program looks like this:

Week 1

Plumbing Safety and Components

This module introduces students to job site safety and proper use of PPE.

Week 2

Application of Math for Plumbing

This module introduces students to fundamentals fundamentals associated with math pertaining to plumbing uses.

Week 3

Types of Piping Material

This module is designed to help select the the proper size of piping, fittings for residential installation.

Week 4

Blueprint Layouts for Plumbing

This module provides provides knowledge of plumbing symbols needed to interpret blueprints.

Week 5

Plumbing Bathroom and Kitchen

This module builds upon the student’s knowledge of Plumbing concepts of a structure and how to perform basic repairs and installation.

Week 6

Ventilation and Draining: Proper Piping Sizing

This module builds upon the student’s knowledge of draining and venting components and concepts.

Week 7

Plumbing Lab Assessments

This module includes the final assessment to test the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program.

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