Military Veterans

YOUNG FAMILIES need a solid foundation. HVAC techs earn a median salary of $50,590* and Electricians earn a median salary of $56,180* (*according to the US Dept. of Labor). Get started on your new career today.

Ready for Your Next Mission?

Military-style Training

The greatest training organization in the world is the U.S. armed forces, and ForgeNow builds on those same methods. Veterans feel comfortable with our commitment to excellence, discipline, and teamwork.

Experience shows that military veterans do very well in the trades. Their leaderships skills, their ability to focus and to follow through helps them excel in these sought-after professions.

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Military service is in our DNA

ForgeNow was founded by two men who grew up in military families and understand the sacrifice that veterans make. Many of our instructors are also former service members who bring that same pride and never-say-die attitude to their classrooms. You’ll find a new sense of purpose as we train you to with a new mission to help keep American running through using your skills. These industries allow for considerable upward growth & earning potential, even up to owning your own company. Nothing feels quite as good as serving others in need.

  • The Tools You Need

    Just like the military, you’ll be fully equipped with all textbooks, safety work boots, your own tool bag full of $1,000 in new tools, and a full uniform

  • Rise in the Ranks

    In the trades, experience, excellence, and advanced training lead to increased pay and increased status. In HVAC and Electrical, you can move into numerous different jobs.

  • Immersive Training

    We don’t ask for 5-6 months of your life. Our programs are just 8 weeks with tons of hands-on learning in our labs. You get to a great career much faster!

Working as a Team

ForgeNow students develop a close bond during their training.
Working as a unit, each class reflects the ideal of “iron sharpens iron;”
that is, each person helps make the others better.

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Does Your Spouse Need a Career, too?

These companies and many more trust us with their employees and training efforts. Take a look at your job prospects. We partner with companies who are ready to hire.


How can I pay for my training?

ForgeNow is an Eligible Training Provider (ETP) and is eligible for GI Bill® benefits. Talk with your Veteran’s Affairs advisor or a ForgeNow financial advisor to see If you qualify for these benefits. We will help you every step of the way!

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at


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